Best of CheatPlanet April 26th-30th

More, more, more! this week CheatPlanet's got new hints, walkthroughs, and FAQs for lovers (Pokemon breeding), fighters (SSFIV), and anime space admirals (Infinite Space). Got acheat, tip or glitch for us?Submit it right here! (opens in new tab)

Super Street Fighter IV

Unlock Character Colors and Personal Actions/Taunts

Above: His daughters, they are so pretty

SSFIV is finally here, and with the online completion ramping up you’ll want to get your character’s favorite color and most annoying taunt ready to go asap. Check out this little trick (opens in new tab) for an easy way to get em all. Keep an eye out for our incoming character FAQs and additional hints. And remember, Turkish wrestling rules!

Pokemon HeartGold %26amp; SoulSilver

EV Training Guide & Egg Move/Breeding Guide

Above: Magikarp is tired of your shit

Now that you’ve taken down the Elite Four and conquered Kanto, it’s time to get serious and build your wi-fi battle team. There’s no room for bad stats here, so make sure you’re EV training your Pokemon like they should be with our Effort Value Training Guide (opens in new tab). Wasting all those Magikarp may be fun but it’s crippling your stats!

Certain Pokemon learn special moves when bred, which can be a huge advantage when your opponent Is trying to predict what your level 100 Bidoof is going to do next. Peep our Guide to Egg Moves (opens in new tab) and pour a glass of red wine so your poor oversexed Ditto can get into the mood.

Infinite Space

Complete Walkthrough/FAQ

Above: Judging by her chest, I'd say they're in a zero-G environment.

Platinum Games’ sober, straightforward JRPG Infinite Space came as something of a surprise after the insanity of Mad World and Bayonetta. Never the less, it’s a solid game, and you’d be lying if you said you’ve never dreamed of commanding an huge armada of enormous space ships. Witness our enormous Complete Walkthrough and FAQ (opens in new tab) right here.

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