Beerfest review

It’s becoming a bleak world for fans of comedy team Broken Lizard, with their first big film, the raucous Super Troopers, followed by the god-awful Club Dread and contributions to last year’s mildy amusing, underpowered Dukes Of Hazzard.

Beerfest only goes a little way to restoring the balance, as there are some truly hearty chuckles lurking within the troupe’s latest effort. Sadly, they feel like drops in a giant keg of overblown, under-flavoured chugging gags, as a couple of Americans discover a secret drinking Olympics and decide to beat the Germans at their own game. There’s not much more to it than that, with the Lizards clearly far too satisfied with their mirth-brewing skills. Lesson, boys: burping might be funny, but it gets stale very quickly.

See it the way the filmmakers no doubt intended – bladdered – and you’ll be smiling. But don’t blame us for the following morning’s regret-laden hangover.

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