Become a god in online world of Whirled

Pssssssst. Hey… you need to buy a man? Look, we know some guys, they're called Three Rings, some indie game-makers from San Francisco. Just hush. The Feds are hunting us.

So, in mid-year they're unleashing a web-based free-market orgy for rogue DNA designers. It's called Whirled. Here, everyone has an avatar, everyone has their own place and neighborhoods, everyone meets and plays little party games, and... shhhhhhh...

Phew, thought we saw a federali.They operate in the shadows, you know. Ok, the meat is this - you can buy manmade creations. From furniture to flash-powered games to housepets to... humans... It's all user-created, man. Maybe if you plunge in deep, you'll start splicing your own virtual flesh. And maybe you'll start selling it.

The guys from Three Rings told us this: "Successful creators stand to profit handsomely in U.S. dollars from sales of their work."

We don't know if we believe him yet, but try badgering him for moreknowledge nuggetsbysmashing into hiswebsite. And keep checking for us in the urine-scented alleys of your town.

March 15, 2007