Beat-'em-up, heat-'em-up and eat-'em-up with Cooking Mama

Amuse your bouche with these tasty titbits from Taito's slice-and-dice culinary sim Cooking Mama.

Designed for DS and currently set to be served up in Japan only, this sweet little treat sees you heating and stirring with the stylus, before serving the meal with a smile.

With the ability to chop, peel, boil and fry, greenhorned Gordon Ramseys can follow recipes while seasoned chefs can create their own dishes by combining a mixture of ingredients, flavours and spices.

Following the pointing finger of Phoenix Wright and the cutting edge surgery of Trauma Center, Cooking Mama looks set to add another innovative flavour to DS's already well stocked larder, so long as Taito decides to release it over here.