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Beach Boys musical getting good vibrations

Beach Boys

Mamma Mia! seems to have set a scarier precedent than we could ever have predicted with that $600m box office haul, as movie producers have started plundering the back catalogues of other classic bands for filmic revisions.

Following Mamma Mia! ’s Abba overhaul, and Across The Universe ’s update of The Beatles, 20th Century Fox have bought the rights to the entire collection of songs by the Beach Boys, with an aim to craft them into a movie.

But wait, could a Beach Boys-infused musical actually be good? Fans of Erin Brockovich might think so – Susannah Grant, the Oscar-winning writer of that Julia Roberts vehicle, will be penning a script for the flick.

Variety report that Grant will uh, Get Around the songs by weaving a fictional narrative out of the lyrics of the group’s numbers. God Only Knows what the scriptwriter will dream up.

We imagine the plot could revolve around a poor little Surfer Girl who feels like an outcast among all the other California Girls thanks to her horrible Little Honda – not to mention her mantra of “I Get Around” (yes, it’s Blue Crush: The Musical ).

No director or star has yet been attached, but Wouldn’t It Be Nice if this band-based musical was actually any good? Oh, alright, enough with the puns, we promise not to Do It Again…