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Battlestar Galactica 3.18: The Son Also Rises review

Original US airdate: 11/3/07

Written by: Michael Angeli

Directed by: Robert Young


The One Where: Adama is picked to serve on the tribunal that will judge Baltar. Gaius’s defence lawyer is killed by a bomber – who turns out to be everyone’s favourite BSG character, Captain Kelly (you know, that spud-faced guy). A new lawyer, the eccentric Romo Lampkin, takes his place – and Lee decides to assist him.

Verdict: A good episode which steers dangerously close to the naff end of “quirky” (new territory for Galactica), thanks to the bizarre character of Romo Lampkin, who carries a cat around in a bag and is a kleptomaniac! Mark Sheppard carries it off, although the way he keeps his shades on throughout – only taking them off as his interrogation of Caprica Six reaches a climax – is extremely cheesy. Still, it’s good to see the show again reflecting current affairs (with the obvious parallels between the attacks on Baltar’s lawyers and those involved in Saddam Hussein’s trial).

Survivor Count: 41,399

It's Wossisname!: Mark Sheppard’s other roles include Badger in Firefly and Medium’s bad guy Charles Walker.

Best Bit: When Lampkin talks Lee through his bag of bits and bobs nicked from the likes of Adama and Roslin.

Influences: The episode title puns on the name of an Ernest Hemingway novel.

Ian Berriman

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