Barney's Great Adventure review

Barney will only be familiar to two groups of adults; those with young children and those who think watching very early morning kids' TV is a 'good idea'. A big purple dinosaur may seem quite amusing while you drift into unconsciousness as dawn breaks on a Sunday following a night out. But a big purple dinosaur, on the big screen for an hour-and-a-half, when you're fully conscious, is a very scary thing indeed. Especially when it's surrounded by children who have a habit of bursting into song.

That said, the eight-year-old Total Film adopted for the screening really enjoyed the film and recommended it for "younger kids". But even the most enthusiastic of nippers were much more impressed by the appearance of the `real-life' Barney at the cinema. Rumour has it he's touring the country along with the movie, so you might get to see him if you're lucky. But beware. There's already talk of a sequel.

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