Band of Bugs swarms Xbox Live Arcade

Microsoft has just sent word on this week's Xbox Live Arcade release, Band of Bugs by Cloning Clyde developer NinjaBee.

Band of Bugs is one of XBLA's first strategy games and comes complete with a full-on level editor which you can use to share custom maps over Xbox Live.

The single-player campaign follows the adventure of young bug Maal as he leads an elite team of bug warriors to protect the kingdom from evil insect enemies. Stand alone missions and a skirmish mode are also available, as well as several varieties of Xbox Live multiplayer.

Expect to see Band of Bugs on Xbox Live Marketplace on Wednesday morning for 800 MS ($10) and click on theImages (opens in new tab) tab for some tasty screenshots.

Cloning Clyde was one of the better original titles on XBLA, so it's probably worth downloading the trial when this one hits on Wednesday.

June 19, 2007