Ballets Russes review

Ballets Russes was an internationally famous ballet troupe that brought innovative dance to the masses from the turn of the last century through to its demise in the '60s. Peopled by backstabbing producers, diva ballerinas and famous artists (Picasso created costumes and sets), Ballets Russes was a forgotten revolution in dance until documentary filmmakers Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine decided to chronicle the company's 2000 reunion. It's this spectacle of fragile - but still graceful and cheeky - octogenarian dancers as they recall their heyday that frames a fascinating tale of Russian émigrés, theatrical bust-ups and inspired performances. Using stills, promotional material and beautiful, hazy footage, Ballets Russes reveals every angle of their story in a sprawling, overly-long but passionate study that's as absorbing for the uninitiated as for tutu lovers.

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