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'Authentic' Brothers in Arms game planned

The Brothers in Arms series will continue while Furious 4 forks into its own property, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford told IGN last week. Pitchford said the next game in the tactical World War II shooter franchise has not been announced yet but will arrive, sure enough.

"[T]here will be an authentic Brothers in Arms game," Pitchford said. "Again, we haven’t announced that yet, but I'm really excited about where that’s going too … When you're in pre-production and you're in these iterations, it's kind of reckless. I don't want to get in a spot. I want to avoid a situation where, five years from now it's, 'Wow, this game's been in development for five years.' That's why I don't announce things until we know what they are."

Pitchford seems to be struggling with this whole "not announcing far in advance" thing that bit him with Aliens: Colonial Marines (as you can read in our review).

Furious 4, on the other hand, continues to evolve in its own direction. There's a decent chance its name will change a third time to reflect its altered course, and former Brothers in Arms publisher Ubisoft has not signed on for either project. The last mainline entry in the series was 2008's Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway.

"We love Brothers in Arms and we’re committed to more time in that space," Pitchford said. "As we get to places where it makes sense to announce things in that regard, we'll do that too.”

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