Your Ultimate Horror Movie poll

Halloween is only a week away, but while the kids get ready to go trick-or-treating and the anti-social among us get ready to pretend we're not in when they come a-knocking, here at SFX we're wondering which horror movie is the greatest one ever made. And we'd like to know what you think!

Do you go for the real classics, like 1922's Nosferatu or Hammer's take on Dracula , starring Christopher Lee? Or are you more into a bit of slasher fun, like A Nightmare on Elm Street or Halloween ? How about some body horror in the form of Night of the Living Dead or The Thing ? Has Ring left you with a permanent fear of your own TV set? Or will you be setting the mood next week by watching Alien , Hellraiser or The Exorcist ? Vote in our poll on the right - we'll announce the winning movie next week!