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"You’ll be deliriously happy" – Read the world-first reactions to the Doctor Who season 11 premiere

Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor in Doctor Who season 11

It’s time for a brand-new era. We’re just over a week away from Doctor Who season 11. Jodie Whittaker is making history as the very first female Doctor and a few people were lucky enough to have already clapped eyes on the opening episode, The Woman Who Fell to Earth. Worry not, Whovians, the first reactions are all overwhelmingly positive – and we could be in for a real treat come October 7.

There are no spoilers here, but if you don’t want to know anything about the new Doctor Who then turn back now. Final warning!

It sounds as if we’ll need the tissues ready for this one…  No, seriously. Buy them in bulk. 

Don’t worry non-Brits, the dog’s bollocks is a good thing. I know it doesn’t make much sense, but trust me.

So, how good is the opening episode? How about one of the best episodes of Doctor Who ever? Welp. I’m even more excited now – especially as new Doctors can tend to get off to slow starts with glacier-paced first episodes.

And if you need a good jumping on point for Doctor Who, then it sounds like Thirteen (and season 11) will be the place to come and join in on the action – emphasis on the action.

While some people are keeping schtum and not giving too much away. A gold star for them, even though I’m still insanely jealous.

Want to make sure you’re absolutely prepared for October 7? Check out our how to watch Doctor Who guide, though if you’re planning to start from the very beginning you’re going to want to pull off some timey-wimey magic.

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