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Xbox Scorpio dev kit framerate screen has button to add dolphins - "because why not?"

Someone please help these tiny dolphins trapped in an Xbox Scorpio dev kit! They must be suffocating in there! They… Oh, hang on. They're just renderings of dolphins being displayed on that Scorpio framerate screen. Turns out it can do way more than just frames per second data. My bad.

Yes, apparently the front display that Xbox fans fell in love with has several ways to give developers feedback, and one of them includes dolphins swimming in the ocean. Since they're being rendered in real-time by the system's graphics processor, it's a visual indicator of how much the system can be pushed and still process images. And yes, there's an "add 12 dolphins" command, with the justification of "because why not?"

Of course, this has only made people want this feature in the consumer version even more, with some assuming that it's definitely coming…

But that definitely isn't going to happen. Maybe. Probably.

As for what Xbox Scorpio games will look like, enjoy our handy visual guide. As for how Scorpio stacks up against PS4 Pro, there's no doubt it's the most powerful console made yet.

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