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Xbox Live Rewards Program arrives for US and UK members

Xbox's Major Nelsonannounced this morningthat the Xbox Live's Reward Program is officially open for registration, though it'scurrently limited to US and UK XBLA members.

Aftersomeearly morning hiccupsand a year of testing, Microsoft has finally gone live with its online loyalty programthatbestows both paying and non-paying XBLA members with free Microsoft Points for engaging in a number ofXBLA's online services.

Shown below are the tasks, whichappear to favor new members over long term loyalists. This leavesthose who have already renewed their subscription, registered for Netflix or made a purchase on XBLA within the last couple of years left with only a few optionsto score free MPs, such as by filling out monthly surveys or participating in promotions.

Xbox Live's Reward Programruns until June 30th, 2011, after which any unused MPs earnedthrough the programwill be rendered null and void.It's unclear if or when this will launch in Canada, but you can bet your hard earned MPs that I'll be writing a strongly worded email if I don't see anything on my console in the new year.

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