Wii, 360, PS3 fail Greenpeace tests

The three console giants have failed a Greenpeace test after they were found to contain a number of toxic and potentially harmful materials.

The Greenpeace "Playing Dirty" report found substances such as polyvinyl chloride, phthalates, beryllium and bromine on the various bits and bobs within the consoles.

You probably won't be chowing down on the microchips inside your PS3 any time soon (we'd hope), but Greenpeace called for console manufacturers to "design out" toxic substances.

Dr. Kevin Brigden, Greenpeace Science Unit, said: "Whether game consoles are classified as toys or not, they can still contain hazardous chemicals and materials that could harm humans. The technology is available for the manufacturers to design out toxics and produce greener game consoles now."

Casey Harrell, Greenpeace International Toxics Campaigner, added: "Our test clearly shows that a greener game console is possible; manufacturers just need to look 'inside the box' of the competition to see which of their own dirty components can be replaced with toxic free materials."

It's not so much that you'll be licking the components of your console, but more about the environmental effects when they're dumped, ending up in recycling yards in developing countries, apparently.

Courtesy of CVG.

May 20, 2008