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What movie tie-in game did you actually enjoy?

You just left the theater, popcorn butter still smeared all over your face and hands. Your mind is racing with just how AWESOME that movie was! You think to yourself, "Oh man! that would make an incredible video game! Especially that part where he does that thing!" But you have been burned in the past, that's a road you hesitantly walk down.

What movie tie-in game did you actually enjoy?

Our pick would have to be Star Wars: The Phantom Menace for PC. It's understandable why people would shy away from a game with the same title as an incredibly disappointing movie, but this one really found it's way into our hearts. It could be a case of grasping onto anything to make us feel better about the movie, who knows?

What's your answer? Let us know in the comments!

Greg Henninger
Community Manager for Gamesradar