Wes Craven talks games

Friday 30 June 2006
Wes Craven, the Hollywood director responsible for the Scream and Nightmare on Elm Street films, could be getting involved with games development.

Craven told reporter Dean Takahashi - the author of The Xbox 360 Uncloaked - that he was "in talks to create an original game". Unfortunately, the movie man didn't offer any more details than that.

If these talks lead to production, Craven will join a growing list of Hollywood heavyweights getting involved in games development. Peter Jackson had a lot of input with Ubisoft's King Kong, John Woo is contributing to Midway shooter Stranglehold, and Steven Spielberg is working on a project with EA.

While details regarding this possible project remain safely under wraps for now, considering Craven's cinematic efforts have featured such delightful characters as razor-fingered child killers and psychotic high school students, don't expect a mini-kart racing game.