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Warehouse 13 4.14 The Skys The Limit REVIEW

TV REVIEW Let The Skyfall

Warehouse 13 Season Four Episode Fourteen “The Sky’s The Limit” TV REVIEW

Episode 4.14
Writer: Michael Jones-Morales
Director: Jack Kenny

THE ONE WHERE Pete and Myka investigate a spate of high-flying deaths, Claudia and Jinks horse around in Watford and the B&B gets a new owner.

VERDICT Oh, Warehouse 13 , if there’s one thing you can be relied on for it’s hilariously unconvincing depictions of foreign countries. Don’t you know England is never that sunny?

Get past this one glaring mistake and the Watford of Warehouse 13 isn’t too bad. There are enough posh accents, ridiculous hats and union jack flags to make you wonder if the queen was paying a visit that day, but that’s to be expected at a race course. What you might not expect is for a civilian to jump on a horse without anyone batting an eyelid. Even outside of a race I imagine a few people might have something to say about that given quite how much money is involved in horse racing.

BEHIND THE SCENES This episode's director, Jack Kenny, is also Warehouse 13 ’s showrunner, and previously directed the two Christmas specials “Secret Santa” and “The Greatest Gift”.

REFERENCE Claudia tells Sir Henry she’s staying at the Cathcart Towers hotel – as mentioned in A Fish Called Wanda .

IT’S WOSSISNAME You may recognise Joel Grey (Monty) as the other Mr Sloane from Alias or Doc from Buffy , who plays an important role in “The Gift”.

IT’S WOSSERNAME Nora Zehetner (Rose) played persuasive speaker Eden McCain in Heroes and femme fatale Laura in Looper -director Rian Johnson’s debut feature Brick .

• St Joseph of Cupertino’s Medallion: lets the user levitate whoever they want.
• Sitting Bull’s Riding Blanket: transfers adrenaline from rider to horse, killing the rider.
• Pancho Villa’s Boots: allows the user to commit any act without feeling guilt or remorse.

Myka : “You know, his assistant, Rose, never told us that she lived here.”
Pete : “Ooh, nice. No wonder he's got a heart condition. Man, I hope I have a hot, young girlfriend when I'm his age.”
Myka : “Well, it's good that you have a five-year plan.”

Jordan Farley

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