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VIDEO: Press X to Jason Voorhees

Taking the piss out of Heavy Rain is neither big nor clever. Still, it is really funny, as this year's favourite gaming meme, Press X to Jason, admirably proved with akick-ass flash gameanddamn catchy tune. So in the spirit of being six months too lateto the party we've created our own version of the infamous Jason mall scene with a hockey mask-wearing homicidal twist.

Warning: You need to be at least 18 years of age to watch this video as it contains loads of extremely graphic, if hilarious, murders from a series of shitty horror films.

Also, the only thing more horrifying than Jason popping some dude's skull like blood-filled water balloon is the quality of our current video player. If you want toviewPress X to Jason Voorheesat a resolution that won't scar your corneas,we suggest watching the video on our Youtube channel.

Look out for next week's edition: Press X to Jason and the Argonauts... which will almost certainly never get made.

July 30, 2010