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Until Dawn's new interactive trailer lets you make the stupid horror mistakes

Always insulted when the leading lady runs up the stairs instead of out the door in horror movies? Well Scream fan, now you can make the foolish decisions in this interactive Until Dawn trailer.

Inspired by the 'emotional experience' of Sony's upcoming slasherfest, the live action 'Choices' trailer sees a girl going for a shower before the light flickers out. Hmmm, I wonder what happens next? There are three choices to make, each one as enjoyably trashy as the last - mmm, is that the basement?

“We took our inspiration from the many choices presented in the game and from its cinematic style," explains short film director Torben on the US PlayStation Blog. "We want to give the viewer a feeling of what it’s like being caught up with a killer on the loose — having to make life threatening decisions on the run. Most people can relate to watching a horror and disapprove of the decisions made by the main protagonists. Now you can actually have a say in them — and carry full responsibility if the protagonist gets away or is killed in a brutal way…” As live action trailers go this is a pleasantly schlocky taster for the horror that awaits on PS4 on the 25th.

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Louise Blain

Louise can often be found watching horror, drinking coffee and beating you at The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth.