UEFA Euro 2008: How good are the player likenesses?

UEFA Euro 2008, EA's recreation of one of the biggest events on the footballing calendar will be striding out onto PS3 and 360, as well as PC, PS2 and PSP, on 18 April.

As if you needed reminding, England aren't in the Euros this year, butto keep fans happy UEFA Euro 2008includes a"Story of qualifying" modethat allowsyouto right the painfulwrongs of our miserable qualification campaign.

And so we findourselves posing the same question we ask with every new FIFA and PES - how accuratelyhave theyrecreated the faces of football's biggest names?Take a look at these side-by-side comparisons and decide for yourself.

Screenshots taken from the Xbox 360 verison.

Jens Lehmann | Goalkeeper | Germany
With ten appearances and only three goals conceded in the qualifying stages, the Arsenal goalkeeper is looking set to be Germany's number one at this year's tournament.

Erik Edman | Defence | Sweden
Some of you may reconginise Erik Edman from the backlines of Wigan Athletic, the rest will just agree that he looks better when he's not sporting a girly hair band.