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The Witcher coming to iPhones via Angry Birds publisher

Always-ambitious PC gaming series The Witcher is looking for a new home on the iPhone, and the EA-owned Chillingo, the company set to publish the project, is known for publishing the top-selling iPhone game of all time - Angry Birds.

Chillingo will be publishing The Witcher: Versus next month, offering high-res graphics and multiplayer RPG gaming to players anytime, anywhere.

Players select from one of three classes - Witcher, Sorceress, or Frightener - and then grind their way up the battle scale to earn skill and experience. To earn new items and weapons, you'll also be able to go on various enemy-killing quests or through an online version of the game. The game has full internet play support, allowing players to compete against one another in a massively multiplayer online environment.

While 2010 was the year to prove that people actually want to play games on their iPhone, it looks like 2011 will be the year to prove those games don't have to be casual. Based on what we're reading, it looks like The Witcher: Versus could be a great example of that trend.

Dec 9, 2010