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The Top 7… games you either love or hate

What lovers see: 493 unique reasons to never stop playing, and playing, and playing. Depending on your age, Pokemon represents either the coolest and cutest collectibles in history… or a matchlessly deep, hardcore RPG. In fact, most players enjoy it as both, hunting the super powered critters for theirdistinctive adorability as well as theirdistinctive strategic elements. Trading and special events merely add to the series’ everlasting appeal.

What haters see: 493 unique reasons to never stop paying, and paying, and paying. Pokemon represents nothing but a giant blank check for Nintendo… a check that the corporation greedily cashes in over and over again. The gameplay has yet to evolve even once and the super marketed critters are designed merely to push as much merchandise off store shelves as possible. Ignore the silly religious controversies and this series is still evil.

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What lovers see: The ultimate evolution of the arcade shooter, from the brilliantly twisted mind of the ultimate indie game designer. Mind-melting visuals and uncompromisingly complex gameplay may turn off the casual first comer, but those with a patience and will to learn are rewarded repeatedly for their mastery. Retro and progressive at once, Space Giraffe challenges both your perception and your complacency.

What haters see: A poorly disguised Tempest clone that’s few innovations include an obnoxiously steep learning curve, a woefully inept tutorial and an endless series of cheap deaths that can be avoided only through luck or memorization. Throw in the aspirin-selling excuse for a soundtrack, as well as the nauseating screen saver graphics, and Space Giraffe becomes more punishment than entertainment.

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