The sneaky history of stealth games

Cy Girls – 2004
A generic action-stealth game starring hot chicks. No one remembers. We’re surprised someone at the GR towers did though.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines – 2004
Your ability to go undetected is heavily influenced by your Dexterity and Stealth ratings in this Source-based RPG. Other noteworthy features: gaining experience by completing quests and not killing enemies, and you’re penalized for using your vampiric abilities in front of humans. Both features influence your gameplay decisions and increase replay value.

Spy Fiction – 2004
The second most notable thing about this game is being able to disguise yourself as any character. The first most notable thing is how forgettable the game was and the lack of impact it made.

Psychonauts – 2005
In Tim Schaefer’s critically well-received puzzle platformer, your character Raz earns different power-ups for his Psi ranking. The invisibility power-up naturally helps Raz avoid enemies.

Haunting Ground – 2005
After a car accident, Fiona wakes up in a haunted castle. In order to escape all the creepy goings-on, she’ll use the help of a white German shepherd. Oh and you need to scold the dog if it doesn’t do what you say. Stealth and dog training all in one game. This would’ve made a great DS game.

Indigo Prophecy – 2005
The predecessor to the amazing-looking Heavy Rain, IP’s a paranormal thriller enabling you to play from multiple sides of a crime. Stealth sequences include the tense opening where you play as the murderer trying to hide a dead body in a crowded diner restroom with cops nearby. Other stealth scenes include flashbacks where you and your brother sneak around a military base in search of a downed UFO. Can currently be downloaded as an Xbox original.

Shadow of the Colossus – 2005
If you haven’t played this masterpiece, then slap yourself. Of the 16 colossi you need to defeat, none are purely stealth-based. In fact, we mention SotC because you need to trick one Colossus into thinking he knows where you are. Then you run down an underground tunnel and pop up behind him. Before he knows what’s happening, you’re climbing wildly on his back.

Resident Evil 4 – 2005
Everyone remembers “holy shit” moments like the opening village battle or mine cart chase. But don’t forget the parts where you sneak around the blind clawed maniac. Or playing as the all-but-useless Ashley as she avoids suits of armor and possessed Spaniards.

Geist – 2005
Not really a stealth game per se, Geist enables you to possess objects and people in order to save the world from a demon. In order to do so, you have to scare the crap out of armed guards and animals so you can get inside their body all Ghost-like and progress through the levels. An overlooked and decent shooter.

Sniper Elite – 2005
What’s stealthier than a sniper game? Nuthin!

The Getaway: Black Monday – 2005
Keeping with Resident Evil 4’s theme of awesome action-shooter for the male protagonists and so-so stealth sequences for the secondary female characters, The Getaway sequel enables you to sneak about as a teenage girl. Very progressive.