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The Medium has already recouped development costs, Bloober Team confirms

The Medium review
(Image credit: Bloober Team)

The Medium has already recouped its development and marketing costs, according to developer Bloober Team.

Polish financial outlet Money (spotted by PCGamesN) confirmed the game's sales in a recent report. After running it through Google translate, the report reads: "Sales of The Medium reached levels that covered the production and marketing costs of the game."

The Medium was first revealed in May 2020, and after a slight delay from its initial December 2020 release window, it finally launched just a few days ago on January 28. Bloober Team commented on its launch sales on January 29, meaning the game was profitable after just one day and change. 

The Medium stars a – you guessed it – medium named Marianne who drifts between our world and the spirit world on a journey to solve the murder of a young girl. In many ways, it smacks of old fixed camera angle horror games like Silent Hill, but it's also infused with Bloober's trademark writing and more dynamic gameplay. However, as we said in our The Medium review, its solid story is often held back by restrictive and sometimes awkward stealth and puzzles, and its horror themes fail to scare in the same way that Bloober's previous games managed. 

Nevertheless, The Medium has clearly found an audience – likely partly thanks to its status as an Xbox Series X|S console exclusive and a day-one Xbox Game Pass title – and we're always happy to see games and studios do well, especially when they're among the few horror devotees left.

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