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The Graveyard: iPhone's darkest game yet

"In the full version of the game, there is a chance that she dies while sitting on the bench."

In an age of 'feature sets', 'USPs' and staggered PR campaigns with new characters, music and celebrity endorsements rolled out on a monthly basis to garner new coverage for games, it's refreshing to hear that new iPhonetitle The Graveyard offers just one reason to buy it - the opportunity to see the protagonist die.

Above: Seeing the world through the eyes of a visually impaired mugger

In many ways this is not a game;The Graveyard official sitedescribes it more as a 'an experiment with real-time poetry' in which you get to experience a snapshot of someone else%26rsquo;s life. An old woman visits a graveyard, sits down, listens to a song and she *might* die.

Above: The Graveyard looks like a laugh a minute

But only if youbuy the full version of the game for %26pound;1.19%26hellip; The trial version is exactly the same, only you don't get to see her die. It's all a bit weird. But considering the trial 'lite' version is free it's definitely worth a look. Even if it is just to show to a mate in the pub to make him feel all depressed.

March 09, 2010

I hate the 267.