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Tekken 6 review

With a veritable army of characters, has the flashy fighter become too big?


  • Fast and furious fighting
  • Rage gauge is good equalizer
  • New characters are cool


  • Design is archaic in 2009
  • Starting to become bloated
  • Lame brawler mode

Balance is a delicate thing, so easily lost. Tekken is a series that thrives on it – on striking a balance between fulfilling its remit as the ‘accessible’ 3D fighting game (button-mashing will get you further here than in most fighters) and offering a system substantial and even enough to allow the hardcore fans to battle at a competitive level. Tekken 5 managed this balance with aplomb, but while Tekken 6 is ostensibly little more than a high-def update, its revisions (of which, to its credit, there are many) are likely to result in it receiving a rather lukewarm reception, from players both old and new.

More Info

DescriptionTekken 6 isn’t trying to masquerade behind a mask. This is Tekken, and it’s for the Tekken fans. Namco Bandai has put a console fighting game on a handheld, and it’s every bit as good. If only the devs could have snuck in an online infrastructure fighting mode. If only.
PlatformPSP, PS3, Xbox 360
US censor ratingTeen
UK censor rating16+
Release date24 November 2009 (US), 11 December 2009 (UK)