Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 3 - hands-on

As far as minigame collections go, the first two Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop games are among the best on the DS. Best played in short bursts, Corner Shop 1 and 2 offer a polished casual experience, with lots of variety among the shops, catchy music and tons of personality. In Corner Shop 3, you'll find the same formula intact, with a bit of a facelift and lots of little upgrades to explore. The shops themselves are all new, four of which are unlocked from the beginning: Treasure Hunters, Gardening, Recycling Center and Card Shop.

Above: This time around, you can buy different outfits that your Tamagotchican wear to work. Mametchi doesn't look thrilled about it

Treasure Hunters is reminiscent of digging for items in the Underground of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, but a bit more robust. Like in most of the shops, choosing the right tools at the right time is key - use the scanner to scan for treasure, then the pickaxe to dig it up, then the chisel to chip away all the rock, and finally the brush to dust it off. Whew! We almost feel ready for a real archeological dig at this rate.

Above: Kuchipatchi, a favorite among guys, is described as "always laid back and relaxed" and "known for his large, long mouth"

Like in the last two installments, each shop has four levels of expansion, with the highest being a four-story Royal shop. Combined shops are a new addition to the series though - when two shops are at a high enough level, you can create a super shop that combines the two, for a one-stop Tamagotchi shopping experience. For example, the Day Spa and Decoration Shop will combine to make Deco-Esthetics Decoration Day Spa, to meet even the most discerning Tamagotchi's decor and hygiene needs.

Above: Violetchi, abrand-new playable character, is described as "cute and gentle" and"loves flowers and is adored by everyone"