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Sony 3D ads to appear in 3DS game

While Sony and Nintendo are definite competitors in the videogame space, they do both share a common goal: make consumers want 3D games. It makes sense, then, that Sony is using an upcoming 3DS game to promote its own 3D media - the company is apparently placing ads in Pro Evolution Soccer 3D.

An early screenshot shows a large Sony banner on the side of the soccer field along with its "make.believe" and "3D" imprints.

Last year, Sony marketing VP Peter Dille said that he hopes the people at Nintendo "do a great job" with the 3DS, because, "Collectively, we [the entire industry] need to make sure a consumer has a good experience with 3D however they're experiencing it."

Sony apparently sees the 3DS as a stepping stone into the world of 3D gaming. Once those players are ready to mature, they might turn to the PS3 and a 3D TV... if they can afford it.

[Source: Siliconera]

Feb 28, 2011