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Son Of The Mask review

A decade late and every bit as awful as you'd imagine, The Mask's spawn has inherited none of the sly wit and goofball charm of the original. Mainly because Jim Carrey isn't in it. Instead we're subjected to the comic stylings of Jamie Kennedy, whose major influence appears to be Macaulay Culkin circa 1990.

As new dad Tim, he's stuck `Home Alone' with newborn baby Alvey (Ryan Falconer) and begins to go doolally. It's not that Alvey is badly behaved, it's that he's literally "bouncing off thewalls", performing head-spinning feats à la The Exorcist. No, this isn't just a bad case of Attention Deficit Disorder (although that would explain Lawrence Guterman's scattershot direction), it's all down to the eponymous Mask.

Incoherent, crass and crude, all that's likely to prompt a laugh is the saccharine message about family values tacked on the end. We recommend contraception.

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