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Smash Bros. Ultimate is getting a tournament celebrating the Wii U and 3DS Smash Bros. games

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Smash Bros. Ultimate is hosting a throwback tournament that calls back to its predecessors, Smash Bros. 4 on Wii U and 3DS.

As spotted by Nintendo Life, the tournament was announced via the Japanese Smash Bros. Ultimate Twitter account. The Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS-themed event kicks off this Friday, July 24 and runs through Sunday, July 26.

The character roster and level selection in the new Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament is based on characters and levels from those earlier games. That means players will get to compete against each other fighting as Bowser Jr, Villager, Little Mac, Shulk, Pac-Man, Ryu, and a bunch more. Meanwhile, stage selection could include the Duck Hunt level, Super Mario Maker level, Midgar, and Umbra Clock Tower.

While she won't be playable in the new Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament, the newest character to be added to the fighter roster is Min-Min from the Switch exclusive Arms. The new fighter was added into the game with update 8.0, which also added the new Spring Stadium stage, 18 new tracks from Arms, some new Mii Fighter skins, and a laundry list of balancing updates to the character roster.

Considering the sales dud that was the Wii U, Smash Bros. 4 didn't make nearly the splash other entries in the series have. Regardless, I remember countless sweaty nights breathlessly competing with friends and blaming my losses on the bulky Gamepad, and I'm glad to see Smash Bros. 4 in the spotlight again.

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