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Skater XL drops in with a brand new map in exclusive footage from Future Games Show

(Image credit: Easy Day Studios)

When Skater XL drops in on July 7, you'll get a chance to go back to school - Easy Day High School, that is. Developer Easy Day Studios showed off a brand-new map during the Future Games Show, just a month before the skating game debuts on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

"This is a new level we've been working on for some time, and we're really excited to show it off today," studio head Dain Hedgpeth says. "This level is based on something that's really key to skateboarding, which is the California school environment." As you can see from the footage, it feels just like a Cali high school from every early aughts movie and skate video - sprawling concrete, strategically placed picnic tables, and rails on rails. 

"The pieces of the level are combinations of elements of things that we designed ourselves and also countless real-world spots," Hedgpeth explains. "There's probably about 50 real-world skate spots all from real high schools and real elementary schools that people have seen in many skate videos over the years. We've got Wallenberg in there, we've got Clipper, we've got Lockwood Elementary."

Historic skate spots aside, the team at Easy Day Studios have worked hard to make levels that feel real but are also totally skateable, as we learned in our Skater XL preview. Add that to a unique, physics-based skate model, and you've got a skate game we can't wait to get our hands on.

Skater XL is dropping onto all major platforms on July 7.

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