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Scrapped Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster turns Kylo Ren into a glorious piece of art

Across the decades Star Wars fans have been treated to loads of superb artwork, and the franchise's track record for stunning posters is still going strong. Did you see the latest batch of Rogue One posters

They're a whole lot better than the standard one-sheets hung in your multiplex lobby, definitely, but I'm not sure any of them can top this glorious The Force Awakens piece created by Mondo artist Olly Moss: 

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Taking Kylo Ren's mask and turning it into the crashed Star Destroyer where we first meet Rey? That's inventive AND an easter egg. So why didn't we get the chance to buy it? 

Moss' landscape piece (a UK quad poster, by the looks of it) was sadly scrapped early on due to a licensing quibble with Lucasfilm. Basically, Mondo is permitted to design their own pieces of art, but they're not official movie posters. Moss was insistent that his poster include the billing block below the title - where the cast and crew are listed - and so the concept was shot down.

It's a damn shame that this idea never passed the strict criteria laid down by Lucasfilm. Here's hoping Moss conjures up another piece for Rogue One. 

Images: Lucasfilm, Olly Moss

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