Real-world problems only a gamer could understand

You want video game clothing but you dont want to go into Hot Topic

Why, Hot Topic, why must you carry the exact shirt we want from the new Legend of Zelda game? No, were not scene (sure those knee-length studded neon-green converse actually look really cool but wed never wear them), and no, we dont feel like raging against the machine today. We just want our Kirby shirt. And we want to wear it unironically, because we actually really liked the game.

When you can't cosplay without a +1

No matter how incredible your tailoring skills, some costume ideas can only be fully realized with a partner. Mario and Peach, Master Chief and Cortana, Link and Zelda--each character is impressive on their own, but when cosplayed as a duo, they truly shine. That explains the glum expression of that impressive Booker DeWitt on the above left, because all the costuming work in the world feels pointless without an Elizabeth at his side. Excuse us--we need to stop before we get all emotional.

Beating a game just before the DLC comes out

Youve sunk hours into the last Mass Effect. Youve trudged through the game and sat through that lovely ending cut scene. The next day Bioware announces an entirely different ending to the series. The anguish. Books dont just get re-written, movies dont spontaneously get alternate endings. But games? Youve run out of inertia now that youre out of the universe; do you summon the courage to dive back in and replay it? This of course is compounded by the other issue: if you dont experience the alternate ending, you shouldnt even bother discussing the game with a friend--its as if you didnt even play if. For shame.

C'est la vie

We're willing to bet that some (hopefully not all) of these annoyances have happened to you at one point or another. But did we leave out any real-world, game-related injustices you've suffered from? Relieve the trauma by telling us all about it in the comments. It'll be like our own little Internet support group.

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