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Rainbow Six Vegas

With the release off Rainbow Six Vegas just cresting the November horizon, be sure to check back with us soon for more videos and updated coverage as we continue to freak out about the latest Rainbow Six epic.

We weren't alone in our exploration of perforation: video overlord and world-renowned auteur Joe McNeilly tagged along on our visit to Ubisoft with some incendiary results. You can thank Joe for all of the tasty video he grabbed and stitched together for this feature, but you can also thank him for pasting my guts all over the multiplayer maps (but to be fair, he had the developers helping him out).

After we got back from the event, I though it might be neat for us to compare notes, so the hopeless mess of babble that follows is the result of that dubious "good idea."

Gabe: Okay, so, the things that stick out to me the most from our hands-on time with Rainbow Six Vegas are the differences between playing individually (Survivor) and playing as a team (Team Survivor and co-op) as well as the balance of the game as a whole. With so many multiplayer options available, I felt that R6V really provided a huge variety of experience in one snappy package.

Playing alone in the Survivor mode (every man for himself) was intensely challenging and you really have to be on your toes constantly. Nobody has your back and everyone wants you dead, so it's much more "twitch" oriented like Halo or Quake. While there are some aspects of tactical gameplay, it's predominantly run-n-gun skills that win the day.