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"Quests": A new way to earn PlayStation Rewards points

About a month ago, Sony unveiled a unique new program to reward PS3 owners for their console loyalty. Every time someone buys something on the PlayStation Store or enters a new PS3 Blu-ray game, they earn points. Now there's a new way to ramp up your Rewards level.

Sony wants to make its gaming rewards program a game in and of itself. So you'll be on the hunt for all kinds of ways to earn more "invisible" points. Users don't know how much each activity is worth, but can track their progress on a status bar as they earn more points.

Quests will be basically like trophies, except they won't be tied to specific game experiences. They'll be related to your overall PS3 habits.

Sony demonstrated these as examples of quests:

- Watching an episode of Pulse
- Playing a PlayStation Move game
- Doing something in PlayStation Home

Tomorrow, PlayStation Rewards beta members will be able to go online and find nine quests to complete. The race is on for everyone to earn as high a status as possible, to earn better rewards or gain access to more exclusive events. PlayStation Rewards will open up for everyone in April.

Microsoft recently launched its ownrewards programfor Xbox LIVE users last week.

Dec 6, 2010