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Poll: Are you ready for PlayStation VR?

It's coming. PlayStation VR now has an October release date and a £349.99/$400 pricetag and we're all suitably excited. Amazon UK, has already sold out of its allocated stock of headsets, stating that it can't guarantee a release date delivery of October 21 if you ordered after 11:45am this morning. Ouch.

It's important to note however that the base box of PlayStation VR doesn't come with the PlayStation camera which is actually required for use of the headset. Move wands aren't included either. While games can use a DualShock, Move wands are your hands in game for the majority of experiences, making them realistically a must have VR item. Their exclusion from the base pack makes complete sense given that most of us already have some combination of cameras and a Move or two lying around. So, how ready for PS VR are you?

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Louise Blain

Louise can often be found watching horror, drinking coffee and beating you at The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth.