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PAYDAY: The Heist – How to steal $8 million from a drug dealer

Above: You'll have to hold out against the police and the drug dealer's minions while running these band saws. Directly above you in this screenshot is the locked panic room with $8 million

Above: Once you've loosened the panic room with the saws and explosives, you'll need to attach this helicopter's magnet to it

Above: After the magnet's been attached, the helicopter will take off, ripping the panic room straight out of the building. It's time to shoot your way to the escape route in the sewers below

For a more detailed look at the specifics on how PAYDAY: The Heist plays, check out ourE3 2011 preview. In the meantime, enjoy the new teaser and screenshots. If you’re at Comic-Con, you can visit Sony Online Entertainment’s booth (#4436) to see more!

Jul 22, 2011