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'Old' is the new 'new'

Our favorite Microsoft man-on-the-inside, Major Nelson, released a list of all new, old, Xbox games that the 360 can now play following a small download from Xbox Live. While we at GamesRadar are all about celebrating the gems on the list like Counter Strike, Freaky Flyers, Rogue Trooper and Burnout 3: Takedown, we also can't help but point out the awful titles that appear on the list. Let's face it, if you play Catwoman, Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis, or Over the Hedge on your 360 you should put down the controller and donate your snappy next-gen console to someone who actually enjoys video games.

Microsoft's major mouthpiece Peter Moore had come under serious fire for comments he'd made earlier in the year about backwards compatibility being inconsequential. It would appear that Microsoft has changed its tune a bit and embraced fans' demands for this retro functionality. The list of newly added "BC" titles (Microsoft code for "backwards compatible") can be found on Major Nelson's website. A complete list of Xbox titles that you can play on your 360 is available at

August 29, 2006