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No Man's Sky 'finished' in 25-30 hours says the guy that bought the leaked eBay copy

The game's not supposed to be out yet but that hasn't stopped a copy of No Man's Sky leaking on eBay (opens in new tab). The guy that bought it (for nearly $2000!) has now apparently 'finished' it and been publishing his thoughts.  

Now obviously No Man's Sky doesn't have an ending in the traditional sense, instead the only overall objective is to reach the centre of the universe where some secret awaits. Hello Games' Sean Murray has previously claimed that this would take 40-100 hours to complete depending on how you play, so that 30 hours isn't far off. By his own admission redditor daymeeuhn (opens in new tab)says he was rushing to reach the middle as well.

So far there's been no spoilers, with daymeeuhn making it clear he's not going to give away what he's found. Sean Murray's also keen people don't ruin things for themselves. 

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If you do want to know more then the breakdown on reddit (opens in new tab) has a very detailed run through of mechanics and gameplay, and it's not too spoilery. Overall daymeeuhn liked the game although there are apparently a lot of bugs and at least one easily exploitable resource that breaks the economy. 

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