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New Clash of the Titans screens

Though they look crude by today’s standards, Ray Harryhausen’s stop-motion monsters were revolutionary for their time. The new film Clash of the Titans updates the special effects to modern blockbuster standards, but what we’ve seen so far of the game seems to lack the Harryhausen charm. This latest batch of screens does little to allay our fears that the game will be a series of arena battles, connected by rocky brown pathways and punctuated by quick time events that we’ll half-heartedly mash our way through for a glimpse at the Medusa or Kraken. Who needs game design when you have a Hollywood marketing budget?

Above: You must fight your way through the Krogan homeworld to reach Hades

Above: An extra wanders in from the Scottish remake of Planet of the Apes

Above: A surprisingly well-clothed woman - have they learned nothing from Kratos?

Above: Methinks I doth smell the pungent aroma of a quick time event

Mar 10, 2010