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Microsoft cancels 1 vs. 100, the internet mourns

The team behind theXbox Live game1 vs. 100 has moved on to another project - there won't be another season.According to Microsoft, at its peak, the popular MMGS (Massively Multiplayer Game Show, of course) set the Guinness World Record for the most simultaneous game show participants with over 114,000 players.

It's a sad day for fans of theprize-giving game, but the futuremay bebright. Dave McCarthy, General Manager of Microsoft Game Studios,said, "When we started on this journey, we knew we were creating an entirely new genre of entertainment that would be a continually evolving concept. We're very proud of the 1 vs. 100 team and their accomplishments, and are excited to apply what we've learned to future programming."

Above: The dream isn't over, but this is. No more of this.

Fans have reacted as people generally react when something they like is taken away. Our ol' buddy Dan Amrich,one of the game's biggest proponents,mourned the loss on One of Swords, saying that, to him,1 vs. 100 "represented the future of social gaming." Healso noted, however,that he understood the decision:

"I’m very disappointed because I loved what they’d created, but I saw first hand just what it took to make 1 vs. 100 happen, and I understand why it might not be feasible to continue. It was expensive. It was experimental. It was downright heroic — there were dozens of people in different teams all doing something that had never been done before."

Another reaction comes from GR Executive EditorBrett Elston, whosaid thatthe cancellation is"sad" because he "really liked it." He alsomentioned, probably through tears, thatthe game-focused quiz nightswere especiallyenjoyable. We don't have any further information on Brett's emotional status, but we imagine he's a huddled, sobbing mass right now. Or he's mad that I made fun of him for no reason at the end of an otherwise straight-forward bit of news. More as this develops.

Jul 15, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer