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Men In Black III script getting a David Koepp polish

Men In Black

Men In Black III has been having a bit of a script struggle during its winter hiatus. So, who you gonna call? Well, scriptwriting heavyweight David Koepp, that’s who.

The talented screenwriter, who’s scribbled/buffed the scripts for everything from Jurassic Park and Panic Room to Death Becomes Her and Raimi’s Spider-Man , has been drafted in to help get the threequel’s screenplay in working order.

A similar thing happened with the very first Men In Black , which Koepp gave an uncredited polish back in the day.

Men In Black III ’s planned holiday hiatus from filming was extended recently to the end of March, with word that the film’s script needed some fine tuning.

With Koepp now on board, that can only mean good things. After all, the writer had nothing to do with Men In Black II , and look how that turned out.

Men In Black III opens 25 May, 2012.