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Kingdom Come: Deliverance is free on Steam this weekend

(Image credit: Warhorse)

Take a trip back to Warhorse Studios' gritty realization of 15th century Europe, and don't pay a dime for the experience until the end of the weekend. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is free to download and play on Steam from now until Sunday, June 21.

If you like what you play, you can also take advantage of a pair of limited-time sales. The standard edition has been dealt a 50% discount at $15, while the Deliverance Collection, which includes the base game and all current DLC, is available for $36, a 65% discount.

When Kingdom Come: Deliverance launched in 2018, it was known as much for its beautiful medieval towns and environments, deliberate pace, and punishing learning curve as its game-breaking bugs. I remember gladly forgiving its quirks for its dedication to historically-accurate architecture, weapons, vegetation, and geopolitical strife from a swath of towns in 15th century Bohemia. Then again, I'm a total sucker for medieval stuff.

For a few other, more well thought-out opinions, check out our Kingdom Come: Deliverance review round-up, which found mostly positive reactions despite complaints about the performance and rampant glitches.

Trust me on this one, you're going to want to bookmark our essential Kingdom Come: Deliverance tips before jumping in.

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