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Kinect’s invisibility cloak hack

Although researchers at the University of Berkeley have managed to develop material that can bend light to cloak objects a few years ago, the sorts of invisibility body cloaks you’ve seen in Predator or Harry Potter remain in the world of fiction. But one man has managed to re-create the effect of an invisibility cloak with a Kinect hack.

The video comes from Takayuji Fukatsu. Theinteractive designerexplains that he used openFrameworks, an open source toolkit to modify Kinect, making it look like he’s stealthily sneaking about his room. It appears that he’s skinned his body with an image of his room to create the effect. Still, it looks super cool.

Above: Takayuji Fukatsu’s optical camouflage demo for Kinect. Skip to about 1:30 to see it best. You can see more of his work atArt & Mobile

[Source:Art & Mobile blog]

Dec 3, 2010