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iPhone game of the day: MovieCat!

Game: MovieCat!
Price: $2.99 / £1.79
Size: 10.5MB
Buy it now on the iTunes store:US/UK

Creating a great quiz game may or may not be a science, but MovieCat! is here to proveit's definitely an art. Combining a brisk pace with hyper-cute art and a subject everyone knows at least a little about, MovieCat! may be the most entertaining quiz game we've played since You Don't Know Jack.If you don't remember Jack,congratulations - you just got the point.

Above: Oooh! Anna Kendrick! Anna Kend - I mean, I don't know. Those Twilight movies are stupid.

There are a dozen or so question types, ranging from simple "match the actor to the movie" tap-boxes to "name the film that contains this dialogue" bits. Buteveryone's favorites are going to be the visual gags in which you have to guess a film based upon a famous scene, poster, or even costumes, all recreated by chubby, droll-faced felines. The beauty of it all is that the more familiar you are with the films, the funnier the game's version of each scene is likely to be. MovieCat! has a comically simple formula, but just like a good summer action flick,it executes that formula in a way that definitely delivers.

Oct 14, 2010