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Here and Now Indie: Ib

Cost: FREE
Download here

Too often, games in the horror genre are so preoccupied with scaring you that they completely neglect to spin a captivating story. Not so in Ib, an indie horror game made in RPG Maker, which follows the exploits of a little girl lost in a haunted art museum. Foregoing combat entirely, Ib will hook you with its gratifying puzzles, clever use of dialogue, and genuinely creepy ambiance. Fine art has never been more unsettling.

Even with 16-bit era, top-down sprite graphics, Ib will effortlessly frighten you once you lose yourself to its ominous atmosphere. The game knows just when to give you a break in the tension, before plunging you back into a state of anxiety with a single errant sound effect. With charming characters, multiple endings, and some truly frightening moments (that aren’t all-too-easy jump scares), Ib may end up being one of your favorite horror games of all time.

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