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Honor Lemmy Kilmister's memory with this drinking, smoking GTA 5 mod

Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister is gone from our world, but he can keep raising hell in Los Santos forever more thanks to a new GTA 5 tribute mod. The clever mod reskins your character as the metal legend, complete with a custom Hexer motorcycle and the ability to rock, smoke, drink, and will hookers into existence. Aside from the regrettable acoustic guitar, it's the most fitting video game adaptation of Lemmy since his appearance as a hard-partying, bass-playing healer in Brütal Legend.

You can snag the mod here. I bet Lemmy could take on the Hulkbuster if he had enough warning to materialize a sex worker fighting force beforehand. And if you're confused about that end bit, Lemmy's sudden aggression toward a carton of milk is a reference to this Finnish commercial, which he filmed just weeks before his death at the end of December.

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Connor Sheridan
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