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Grounded goes big (technically small) at the Xbox Games Showcase

(Image credit: Obsidian/Xbox Game Studios)

Grounded, the co-op survival RPG from Obsidian, had a lot to show at the Xbox Games Showcase, even if all of it was technically small.

The trailer started with a cheeky but funny reference to Cyberpunk 2077 being the biggest game of the year, before revealing that Grounded will launch on Xbox One and PC on July 28, which is when it will officially enter Xbox Game Preview. 

As an Xbox Game Preview title, Grounded will let players become part of the development team by giving them a chance to test out the game and give feedback which will result in regular content updates. Ultimately, your feedback will help shape the final Grounded product - now that's pretty darn exciting.

Grounded takes the player, shrinks them down to the the size of an ant, and drops them in a backyard, where they'll have to survive the wild and untamed world. You'll need to gather supplies, craft, and build bases to protect yourself from the elements and the very hostile insects. Don't worry, there will be some friendly bugs back there, too. 

Check out our Grounded preview here to find out if it's worth shrinking down and tackling the beasties ing tour . 

Alyssa Mercante

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