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GR+Deals: Grab a Turtle Beach gaming headset for 28% off!

Bloodborne. Battlefield Hardline. Two games that almost demand you play them online. And if you're going to chat with your PSN buddies, don't you want to do it with one of the best headsets out there? The Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 400s normally run about $100, but GR+Deals has the hookup: right now, you can grab a pair for just $71.92 - that's 28% off! Whether it's on a shiny new PS4 or a recently discounted PS3, you'll sound Turtle Beach great.

GamesRadar+ receives a portion of the revenue from each unit sold.

Tony lives in Maryland, where he writes about those good old fashioned video games for GamesRadar+. One time he interned here too. Fancy that.